He really needed to learn how to control his damned feet. Because sometimes they just tumbled under him and he didn’t have any control of them. Like stumbling into a house and falling on top of a woman. He groaned slightly before his eyes widened, looking down at the brunette under him. He cleared his throat and shook his head.

"—No! No, I mean. I just—"


He let out a frustrated sigh and set the flowers on the ground next to her. He looked down at her, placing his hands on either side of her head before shaking his head. “I just — I’m sorry,” he replied giving her a slight apologetic smile,”I acted like an ass to you and you didn’t deserve that.”

Her wet violet gaze widened as Finns hands settled on the sides of her head,the position he now held over her (in many ways ) made her heart flutter in the most infuriating fashion. The small woman swallowed thickly as her gaze shifted from his soft smile to the flowers beside her. 

"—You were an ass…But I guess I was a bit …Out of line."

"…but flowers,really?"
She droned,doing her best to avoid his gaze and in turn,hiding her from the exposure of that crooked smile of his.



Kayla grinned,her cool violet gaze washing over him in light inspection . “Good,good. A competitive nature will go far with me . Shall we start with drinks?”

Amusement mixed with interest gleamed in his eyes, only then nodding to her question. “A perfect plan, love.” The Trickster agreed, holding a hand on her lowerback as he lead her to the bar, one that was settled at the front of this building. “Is there anything specific you would like?”

Kaylas own cool violet gaze swept over her company with a peaked curiosity,the feeling only amplified as she felt the guidance of his hand pressing her lower back. “I’m a Bourbon and brandy sort of girl however,I get the feeling that this is a whisky sort of night.” She chuckled,offering her company a playful wink before taking a seat in the closest stool .

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He blinked in disbelief, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks though he was definitely failing on doing so. But after a few seconds, Theo mustered the courage to look at her eyes before he voiced his reply in a whisper. “… Can I have more?”


So, no slap. Theo sighed in relief, smiling crookedly when Kayla kissed him deeper while he suppressed a moan that bubbled in his throat. Goodness gracious, she’s really good at this. “I like this.” He murmured, pulling back after a few seconds while raising his brows; his cheeks flushed like an apple as his blue eyes glanced back at hers. “We should do this more often.”

Kayla chuckled as Theo spoke,a single brow quirking in curiosity. Why did he seem so shocked by this? Suddenly a realization hit her. “Theo…Have you kissed someone before?” 

Even before you touched me,
I belonged to you; all you had to do
was look at me.
Louise Glück, from “The Burning Heart (via pacificaly)

"First rule of forging or, really, any crime: if you can’t do it properly, don’t bother because you’ll be sent to prison."


But he’s such a softie.

"You’ll have the marriage license in your hands by tomorrow morning. Did he leave a will?"

"Ah- No. It seems he rushed off to war without thinking…or deciding where his benefits would end up." 

"Thank you— Thank you so much. How can I repay you?" 

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